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Compare vintages side by side with these unique verticals, built to give you a glimpse into the distinct qualities each different vintage provides us as well as how the wines age. We have curated both more recent vintages as well as library vintage sets.

We are happy to curate verticals for you as well from a range of varietal wines, vintages, etc. 
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 Extremely limited! A 3-vintage look back at our flagship Cabernet Sauvignon, packaged in custom branded wood. 
Available Inventory: 10
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$465.00 per Bottle
 3-bottle vertical of our first 3 vintages of Merlot from the Atlas Peak estate. Only 3 remain available!
Available Inventory: 2
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$285.00 per Bottle
 A 3-bottle vertical of recent vintages of our flagship Cabernet from steep volcanic slopes at 1350' elevation. 
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$395.00 per Bottle
 Explore the nuance of 3 vintages of this 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from our estate vineyard in the "sweet spot" of the Oak Knoll District. Our "Decanter Cover" wine! 
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$350.00 per Bottle
A perfect gift for the Pinot Noir lover with three back vintage bottles of our estate Pinot Noir from 2014, 2015 and 2017. Explore the nuance in vintages and what time and patience award these beautiful wines all in prime drinking window.
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$275.00 per Bottle
For the Rhone Ranger or grillmaster, this vertical of our Howl blend is perfect! Contains 3 recent releases, our highest scored of this wine.
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$235.00 per Bottle